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Shark Up Your Amazon Account

We are not saying you can't manage your Amazon Brand
We're saying you probably have greater things to focus on!


We understand that not everyone wants to outsource part of their business. You want to keep things close as you know your business best.

You have some questions and want to implement new techniques and strategies to sell more ? 
 All you need is a bit of a guidance from experts on new techniques to implement next to achieve more sales or boost some of your products that could be selling better. 

One-on-one coaching is the perfect service for you in this case!

Our Shark experts are here to share their years of Amazon knowledge with you, making sure you maximize your profits in record time!

What's In It For
  1. 4 x 45 minutes, one-on-one check-in/ strategy calls (1 per week)
  2. Your Shark Mentor being your accountability partner
  3. Access to years of knowledge of all our Shark Coaches
  4. Tapping to secrets, tips, tricks and hacks from Shark experts who successfully built and sold Amazon businesses
  5. Creating tailored to your brand and listings strategies for growth and increasing profits

One-on-One Coaching Calls

On your calls with our Shark Mentor assigned to you, you have an open forum to ask whatever you’d like and get your specific questions answered. Whether you want to bounce some new potential product ideas off of us or ask us what do we recommend, ask questions about how to execute a certain strategy, or even audit your product listing live on the call with you so we show you why are you not making the money you could, we are there to support you in whatever way you need.


• Source products that your competition overlooks (products that could be a game changer to your business)
• Get more refunds from Amazon on a monthly basis from damaged inventory
• How to optimize your product listings to catch keywords that now don’t make you money but should
• How to get more 5-star reviews organically via better automated post-purchase email campaigns 
• Rank to first page on Amazon organically
• Discover what keywords should be making you more money and maximize them
• Maximize your Amazon PPC campaigns for more profits

Multi-Million Dollar Tricks, Tips & Hacks

Amazon is always tweaking and adjusting their platform to make it better for sellers and buyers. Stay up-to-date with the latest strategies that are working currently in the Amazon business… or just ask any questions to our Shark Mentors and get a quicker answer than asking Amazon yourself and wasting your time.


Our Amazon consulting experts have years of successful track record to provide you with a superior coaching experience. They know the ins and outs of Amazon because they use the same tools on a daily basis. Their Amazon experience gives them all the knowledge and expertise they need to help you achieve your goals and save on potential mistakes at the same time!


I'm running my account for over a year and I can manage almost everything by myself however there are still areas I have trouble with. I didn’t want to hire VA or give my platform to other third party. One on one coaching was a perfect solution for me. We had a quick and professional call where all my doubts were solved. I will use their service anytime - Sharks provide outstanding service!\



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Shark Up Your Amazon Account

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