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Shark Up Your Amazon Account

We are not saying you can't manage your Amazon Brand
We're saying you probably have greater things to focus on!

Out-Shark Your Competition with


We will be your AMZ eyes, ears & hands!

 We will take care of your AMZ Business as it would be our baby. We will nurture it, feed it, shape it and grow it strong and rich.

We take care of it all – listings, inventory, ads, customer service, reviews, A+ content, keyword analysis, seller support contact – you name it and we will create a specific plan of action for you to approve and for us to implement!

shark up your amz brand


Tired of wasting your time on wasteful ad spends and working on worthless keywords? Looking for a new way to discover & implement profitable strategies? Our Shark Expert will help you to optimize your bids, budget, achieve the highest profitability and decrease your cost per sale. We know the secret to success, let us guide you in the right direction. Save your time and money, stop worrying, Sharks are here for you!

double your ppc profits


Does your Amazon e-Commerce business take hours of your precious time to finish all the tasks that are involved in running your business?  It doesn’t need to be this way!

Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant! You can hand over all of your daily to-do list to a reliable and experienced Amazon Virtual Assistant which will do it all quickly and efficiently. This means that you can spend your time doing all the things to develop and focus on a bigger pictures.

Be smart. Let your VA do those tasks so you won’t have to !

focus on the bigger picture


Want to win yout first time at Amazone? One-on-one coaching calls is the service to choose in this case scenario.

Our Shark experts are here to share their years of Amazon knowledge with you, making sure you maximize your profits in record time!

outsmart competition


A suspended seller account on Amazon is every retailer or brand’s nightmare when trying to grow their business. A suspension can lead to days, weeks or even months of lost sales, which can be detrimental for your Amazon business & you definitely don’t want that. But don’t panic, we’re here to save your business! 

We are proud to say we have 100% success rate with AMZ Appeals and there is no case that we’re afraid of!

stop loosing money


Wondering how to sell internationally on Amazon? You are at the right spot then. When it comes to scaling your e-Commerce or online business, very few sellers prefer expanding beyond their countries. This is probably because selling in any foreign country can be intimidating. But what if we tell you that it is easy?

Not many sellers know that it is not as complex as it sounds. You no longer have to worry about those complicated tax laws while dealing with overseas shipping and logistics.

However, selling globally is not that complicated anymore. Shark Mentor will help you understand how can it be done on Amazon. 

grow your business


Sales copy converts readers into buyers. It appeals to emotion, induces action, and done right, produces long-term sales. Optimized copy is an art form only a trained sales copywriter can deliver. 

Our expert Shark copywriters analyze your niche and competition and create a listing that will get clicks, convert buyers, and “stick the landing” long-term in Amazon’s search results. 

The Amazon A9 ranking algorithm is largely driven by conversion rate. And conversion rate is driven by excellent presentation of your product and brand, including well crafted copywriting covering all keywords you need to be indexed for.


position your product


Out team of World-Class Photographers is at your service! 

Looking for a way to increase conversion and boost sales? Out-run your competition with the most gorgeous, professional and selling product photography that will attract buyers from the very first look at your listing. 

Get most mesmerizing, high-end and high-quality pictures that you can use on AMZ listings, social media or your own website!

I couldn’t be happier with this service. As a seller and a mom I’m facing a lot of stress and I’m always short on time. I needed help with all basic management – everything from listings to customer service. Sharks did it all, and even more. Thanks to great keywords they found and new ppc strategy my sales doubled! Now I have more time for my family but still I have control of all the changes and I know nothing will happen without my approval. The team is an amazing group of enthusiasts with a lot of ideas and great attention to detail. I can recommend them to any working mom who wants to be successful with Amazon FBA program – Thanks Shark Mentors!



Shark Up Your Amazon Account

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