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Shark Up Your Amazon Account

We are not saying you can't manage your Amazon Brand
We're saying you probably have greater things to focus on!


What makes Shark Mentors stand out is our holistic approach: a fully-optimized listing and effective PPC management. Whether you need an advice or you’re looking for experts to take over your Amazon PPC entirely Sharks will run successful & profitable campaigns that will increase your brand’s exposure and drive extra traffic to your listings.


If you have existing Amazon PPC campaigns we will thoroughly audit them for optimization opportunities. We will also work with your team to establish appropriate goals and KPIs to effectively measure your PPC performance.


If your brand has never utilized AMZ PPC Campaigns in the past, no worries! Our Shark experts will work closely with you to craft, test, and optimize campaigns until the maximum return is achieved. With Amazon’s sponsored product campaigns you can get your products in front of the right customers immediately. By putting a little bit of ad spend behind your listings, you can quickly bump your products up to the first page of search results.



Shark-Up Your Ads

We are going to start with a 1-hour listing audit with one of our top PPC Sharks, so that you are not wasting precious ad dollars directing potential customers to a listing that is not ready to sell!


Once your campaigns are running, we carefully monitor your keyword bids. This includes modified bidding strategies at the individual keyword level based on placement, impressions, performance, and more to get you the most visibility and clicks with the lowest advertising cost of sale (ACoS).

From conducting the keyword research, writing the ads, building campaigns, making bid adjustments and daily analysis and monitoring – we will take off 2 hours every day from your Amazon ads monitoring and work to create more profit opportunities.


We believe in transparency and the sharing of all hard-earned results. With us, you always know exactly where your campaigns are at and how they’re performing. Every month you will receive a report from your Shark Mentor so that you know exactly what we’re working on and the results that come from it. We will be sending you reports of work done as well and how your added ads become more optimized first, and then maximized for profits.

A capable, reliable Amazon PPC management team ensures all customer growth requirements are met in record time. This leaves you time to focus on other important business tasks like listing creation and product development.


We couldn’t achieve this kind of success as quickly without the help of Shark Mentors. Even after 10 months of selling on Amazon the one thing I know is that I still have a lot to learn and there is always more to learn. Luckily I’ve found Sharks who helped me to understand this chaos and not only showed me how to fix my ACoS but did most of the work for me. I will continue to work with them. Their communication skills are excellent and their ability to use past experience from the entire team to try experimental campaigns impressed me. I’m impressed by their ability to transform our ideas and assets into ads that align with our most current goals. Highly qualified experts, focused on the details and finding solutions. I saw the first results after only 1 month – ACoS was lower, sales were higher, I jumped in ranking and all of that without wasting my time. Easy and friendly communication. They were always there when I needed them.


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Shark Up Your Amazon Account

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