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Shark Up Your Amazon Account

We are not saying you can't manage your Amazon Brand
We're saying you probably have greater things to focus on!

Full account management

What do we offer? Not routine checklists nor doing things that most sellers can easily do themselves. We offer something transformative. Our years of knowledge and experience has finally come in handy. We wish to offer this knowledge to you and everyone who wishes to transform on Amazon. We’re in it for the greater good. We’re professional analytics who analyze & offer better solutions and improvement. Trust us to manage your Ad Campaigns, promotions, customer service, listings and more! Sit back relax and let us take over and do the job for you. It is not only our profession but we enjoy doing it. We put all our efforts to help you maximize your profit and grow like never before. We are skilled, multi-tasking experts. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and see. Allow us to funnel away the lengthy repetitive work load away from you so that you can focus yourself on other aspects of your business!  We provide you with strategies and task lists that you can implement in your company and play style. Avoid tons of headache on dealing with logistic issues we can take care of. It’s time to cut your learning curve down from 12 months to 12 weeks!

Enjoy sales and profit growth without adding anything to your team’s plate.

How SharkMentors
Double Your Income, Boost Your Sales & Max-Out your Amazon Profits with SharkMentors!


Step 1) We’ll start with your product listing by doing a thorough competitor analysis to see what is currently working in your product niche that you might be missing on your listings.

Step 2) If you are new to Amazon, we will help set up your Amazon Seller Account the right way from the start. This ensures your listing will go live as soon as possible. Getting your listing up quickly means new revenue can start rolling in right away.

Step 3) Next, we will fully optimize your AMZ product listings with high-converting sales copy, images, front-end & back-end keywords to maximize your organic ranking.

Step 4) After we handle your product listing setup, we help you navigate the world of FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). This allows you to relax as Amazon fulfills your customer orders and makes your products ‘Prime’ eligible.


Step 1) Your listing’s success is dependent on Amazon search engine optimization. To accomplish this mission we implement a full range of Amazon keyword optimization strategies – this step makes all the difference and can be measured in millions of dollars in made or lost sales.

Step 2) While setting up your Amazon advertising campaigns is a VERY complicated process, it is also a VERY effective tool to generate traffic to your listing. It also gives you access to some of the lowest customer acquisition figures on the planet! Which is why we’ll make sure to handle this right for you.

Step 3) We will manage your advertising campaigns to ensure they stay optimized and monitor them daily to verify they are running within your budget.

Step 4) We will provide you with the optimized keywords for your product. Then, you can expand your advertising to Google Adwords, Bing or Facebook Ads if you choose to.

Step 5) You get to enjoy the consistent stream of customers buying your products while we take care of all the small headaches and obstacles that come on a daily basis.


We handle the legwork so you can do more of what you love! Our business automation system sets up your:

* Fulfillment by Amazon so you never have to touch your product again.
* Fully optimized listings to index correctly on Amazon search engine.
* Amazon PPC campaigns. We also manage these for you – it’s hours saved from your precious time!
* Automated integrated inventory management system.
* Automated follow-up and customer review generating system that is 100% compliant with AMZ TOS & Community Guidelines.

customer testimonials

The wrong person/company handling your Amazon suspension can do more damage than good. We were grateful to find Sharkmentors after 7 excruciating days of being suspended, along with several days of failed POAs attempts guided by a couple of so called “Amazon suspension consultants” that we had previously hired. BEWARE! Our lesson learned was to hire the right person from the start. We highly recommend Sharks- they’re the right people for the job. Simply reading about their knowledge and inner works at Amazon, gave us hope. We requested a 1 hour consultation with Anna. This sealed the deal and confirmed our confidence on them to guide us forward and get our Amazon account reinstated. After what seemed an eternity previous to Sharkmentors, we were now feeling more and more confident. Come Monday we submitted shark's professional POA to Amazon and shortly after, we got our selling privileges reinstated. We were very happy to say the least. Sharkmentors are methodical and detailed approach to helping us specifically address the problems with our account was crucial in order to draft a proper POA and gett our account reinstated. Sharkmentors are now managing our account entirely and they do it top-notch!
Frank Ortega
[Health & Household Category]

5 star service! My income doubled in 3 months thank you Sharks." I spent lots of money on starting my seller account but I couldn't reach my goals. My expectation was completely different when I first started selling on amazon. After 9 months I wasn't able to make profit. Then one of my friends mention how Shark Mentors helped his listing and customer service I decided give it a one last shot. I went for the full service and the results really impressed me. After 3 months of full service from sharks I finally started making money and stabilized my income. Thank you Sharks! "They do things you can't do for months." I’d been trying to get my products into restricted category for at least few months without absolutely any success and then Alexandra dealt with it within few days!!! She’s lovely, she’s super patient and seems like amazon has no secrets from her.
Jill Hardin
[Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Category]
Shark Up Your Amazon Account

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