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Shark Up Your Amazon Account

We are not saying you can't manage your Amazon Brand
We're saying you probably have greater things to focus on!

Why Expand?

– Less Amazon price sensitivity (you can charge more)
– Cheaper advertising (more profits to you)
– Cheaper lightning deals (because of less competition)
– Less reviews needed for your listings to convert into sales
– Access to more marketing opportunities than in US
– You already have the machine build up to scale:
(you have product photos, products selected, suppliers network, know how).

We will do all the leg work to expand you and set you up in those countries so you can 2 x your sales with same products you already sell in your current marketplace.


  • Decide & Register: You have to make a decision first and then, register yourself in the online marketplace where you desire to sell.
  • List The Items: After you register, you have to list the items that you want to sell.
  • Buyers Make A Purchase: Customers then see your products and make a purchase. When this happens, you will get notifications as to where should you ship your products to.
  • Delivery: You deliver your products to the customers and confirm the shipments or allow Amazon to fulfill your orders via Easy ship or FBA.
  • Fund Transfer: Further, Amazon deducts its usual fees from the acquired funds from the customer and transfers it to your bank account.


Setting up all Seller Central hidden settings to set you up for success, translating your listings, offering native language ads, enabling Pan-European functions, putting you in touch with all our resources and network of local suppliers, VAT specialists, logistics companies, local FBA warehouses and sharing all our contacts for your successful launch, organizing your first organic reviews and ranking in new countries, and more

($4,997/per all EU or Japan or Canada Marketplace Expansion)

"Extremely competent and dedicated specialists. I wanted to expand to Australia for a while but never understood how to go about it. Sharks took care of everything on my behalf and I didn't have to stress nor waste my time on battle with Amazon to get everything sorted"
Tommy Rivers
[health & Household category]
Shark Up Your Amazon Account

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